High End Visualization in AEC

DAQRI Smart Glasses Scenario #4: High End Visualization in AEC

January 12, 2017

We’ve examined how DAQRI Smart Glasses™ can improve jet engine maintenance inspection, as well as guided work instructions and inventory across lean manufacturing.

Let’s take a look at another way DAQRI Smart Glasses can affect your day-to-day work.

Imagine an architect examining blueprints.

We’ll call him George.

George has to consult 3D CAD models and paper blueprints for reference, with nothing bridging these two important viewpoints.

Now, let’s give George DAQRI Smart Glasses and see how things change.

dsg george
George, wearing DAQRI Smart Glasses, can now overlay models onto his blueprints, shifting seamlessly between them. He is able to interact with the model, delivered directly to his viewpoint, from any perspective needed. He can also remove layers, examining any detail from ductwork to electrical layout to plumbing, and more.

dsg 3d cad model

What was accomplished in this workflow with the inclusion of DAQRI Smart Glasses?

A more complete view. With the addition of DAQRI Smart Glasses, all stages of development and construction will always be thoroughly examined.

But how does George feel?

George feels connected, because he can see and refine every step of the process, confident the resulting building is exactly as envisioned.

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