DAQRI Smart Helmet®: Aerospace

DAQRI Smart Helmet® Scenario: Aerospace Assembly Production

December 16, 2016

dsh- aerospace assembly production
You may know about augmented reality, but do you know all of the ways in which it can positively impact the way you work today? Not tomorrow, or some unknowable future, but today.

Through our new scenarios series, we will explore the immediate impact that DAQRI AR technology can have on a variety of industries, including yours.

First, let’s take a look at the way DAQRI Smart Helmet™ can affect your day-to-day work.

Imagine an assembler at an aerospace production facility.

We’ll call him John.

John has to consult 3D CAD models and paper instructions for reference, slowing down his workflow, and, at least for some period of time, also requiring one or both of his hands for access. While he can follow these schematics, there are no guarantees of accuracy.

Now, let’s give John DAQRI Smart Helmet and see how things change.

Before John puts on DAQRI Smart Helmet, engineers on John’s team produce 3D design models of weldments and convert them to use for shop planners who use the models to produce AR instructions.

John, wearing DAQRI Smart Helmet, receives a work order. He can now view these model-based instructions where he’s performing his assembly work. He is able to interact with the augmented work instructions, delivered directly to his viewpoint, from any perspective needed, reducing the number of prepared details required and increasing first time quality.

If he encounters any issues, John can also use Remote Expert to quickly check in with Engineering by calling someone on the team, anywhere in the world. When finished, the Inspector, also wearing DAQRI Smart Helmet, is quickly able to visually verify John has completed a correct assembly by comparing as-built assembly to an AR rendering.

What was accomplished in this workflow with the inclusion of DAQRI Smart Helmet?

Time, the most precious resource of all has been saved through schedule improvement, reduced NRE through reduction in drawing details, and a reduction in assembly errors.

But how does John feel?

John feels empowered, because he knows the exact information he needs at any given moment of his day.

The impact of DAQRI AR technology, in this case DAQRI Smart Helmet, isn’t just felt on the bottom line through time-savings and increased efficiency. Imagine empowered workers, their stress reduced, secure in the knowledge that their jobs are being done correctly and efficiently. Good for the bottom line. Good for the assembly line.

Now, stop imagining, because DAQRI Smart Helmet is available to change the way you work today.

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